Magdalena Ginglas


A real creator who makes her dreams come true. She keeps looking into the future with a vision. Many years of experience in the business and a carefully selected professional team allow her to freely achieve the goals. She is an enthusiast of life here and now. After working hours, he is most often in the field, at festivals and music events all over Poland.


An early bird, usually on his way to the customers, with vegan lunch boxes in the trunk. After hours club music DJ, organizer of dnb events, promoter. He plays sports, but his hobbies are also football and motorization.

Agata Morawska


Investment Department Manager |

Agata is a strict mind as befits an engineer. She looks for solutions until it succeeds and is committed to 120%. She is based on fresh ideas, spatial imagination and the experience of the architect. She is an owl - would like to work the night shift, she comes in and out usually as the last one. Agata always remembers about free shipping days, birthdays and anniversaries. After all, any occasion is good for baking meringues and muffins!

Anna Wasilewska


Super mom and home & decor expert. When she says "I'll set you up”, know one thing - it will happen! After all, you'll come with a smile on your face and the biggest Rafaello box you can carry. And seriously, she is a unique specialist with many years of experience, a caring approach to the client who will listen to a four-year-old child and every client with the same enthusiasm.


Visual Manager |

He is so archaic that Gandalf Białobrody comes to him for advice on advertising and his FunPage on Facebook. The presidents of large companies used to say that "the man with a beard is always right" - well, not always, everyone has their own weak moments. After working with his son on his knees, he plans to conquer a hostile drawer owned by the people of LEGO.

Paweł Gojny


Marketing Manager |

Strategist, he has always everything under control. If there is a competition in filling Excel sheets on time, the medal is in his pocket. Analyzes, research and optimization are his everyday life. He consistently leads the team to the chosen goal. He knows the answer before you finish asking the question. Trustworthy and communicative, although he never says more than necessary. He recharges the batteries while traveling for kilometers in the mountains, and if he could, he would take the grand piano with them.

Magda Kosiorek


Accounting Department Manager |

Punctual, meticulous and uncompromising. She always keeps the deadlines, the order in the documents is her merit. Experienced tax, HR and accounting specialist. There are no jokes when it comes to invoices, but we can always count on her sincere smile. She doesn’t drink coffee but she is always full of energy. He draws it from dancing and traveling around sunny Portugal. In the evenings, he fulfills herself as an instructor in a dance school. Kizombra, ginga and semba - subtle African rhythms are definitely what she loves.


Order Processing Specialist |

He is an optimist type who will always try to improve your mood. On a daily basis, he helps in a professional and satisfactory online ordering process. He will take care of the attractiveness of the offer, as well as the final smile when finalizing the order. Thanks to persuasion, he has recently accelerated his pace by entering the world of running. It is impossible to achieve a better state than bliss and joy after demanding effort. He was overwhelmed by historical passion, because, as Cicero used to say, "If you don't know history, he always remains a child".

Sylwester Uciński


electrical installations, assembly, service |

Qualified electrician with many years of experience in the electrical and building automation industry. In the company from the very beginning. Always professional and punctual, with a smile on his face and a lot of jokes in his pocket.

Jarosław Przybył


electrical installations, assembly, service |

Jarek is Sylwek's left hand, how we joked about this duo. He is reliable, punctual and you can always count on him - as his colleagues say about him. It is a perfect duo, they will cope with any task, after he is a garden fun serving delicious sausage from its own smokehouse.

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