Graypants 2022 – a new hand

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Scraplights are durable fixtures with versatile aesthetics that enhance both residential and commercial spaces.

The series includes: table lamps, pendant lamps, wall lamps, and linear fixtures.

Graypants Scraplights

Scraplights - Blonde versions

All Scraplights are also available in a blonde version.

So you can now choose between natural, white, and blonde options.

Available from May 2022.

Graypants Scraplights

For the Roest - Carbon collection Graypants has extended its collaboration with Dutch designer Van Joost. This highly textured series shows the natural relationship between the elements:

Time, Oxygen and Iron.

Graypants Roest
Graypants Roest

Roest is a reflection of unpretentious simplicity, and the unique finish of each piece makes the collection truly special. In order to achieve the desired patina effect, each piece is finished by hand. This makes it impossible to find two identical pieces.

Van Joost starts with raw steel pipes, rinsing them in a bath of vinegar that penetrates the pores of the metal, creating a hard and pitted surface - this helps the rusting process to set in deeper. Each piece is then treated with a solution that initiates a chemical reaction that accelerates the effects of the elements on the steel. By omitting these treatments, the process would take more than six months.

Roest in carbon finish
Available from May 2022. 

The success of the Wick model prompted Graypants to launch two new colors: black and white.

The matte finishes allow the Wick to add classic charm to monochromatic, minimalist interiors as well.

Graypants Wick

Wick is a portable LED table lamp, designed for the modern age
- Safe, versatile, and classic.

Turn on the Wick lamp with the touch sensor and switch between four brightness settings, including a soft, flickering candle mode.

The Wick glows from 7 to 70 hours depending on the brightness setting. It combines the romance of a candle with the utility of a flashlight.

Wick will work in a variety of situations,
from bedside tables and backyard patios,
to restaurants and event
where events are held.

Available May 2022.

Graypants Wick

Graypants brand focuses on responsible design. It cares about the environment, supports social reintegration, creates new jobs, and also for people with disabilities. Innovative projects of this Dutch studio delight customers all over the world. Designed in Seattle, and made in Amsterdam, Graypants lamps can be found in both commercial and private interiors, as well as private interiors. Installations consisting of Chrona, Scrapplights, and Loci luminaires fill foyers of hotels, offices, Starbucks cafes, and BMW showrooms.